Our Technology

Technology means we source the best solutions for our clients, from membership management software to virtual boardrooms. Our technology enables associations to operate despite geographical distances, virtually linking members, boards and committees.

We love technology because we love how it helps an association run smoothly. Many of our clients were in the technological dark ages when we met them. Now they can’t live without tools like Association Dashboard (our association management software), Virtual Board Room, online event registration, electronic records management and live webinars. Even our phone system is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), which means we can report and track every call.

The websites we create for our clients are custom crafted to provide an optimal viewing experience with easy reading, navigation and minimal scrolling. They are accessible and viewer friendly across a wide range of devices - another technique that brings your association into the here and now.

Everything we use is integrated and compatible, saving you time and money. Our team of techies is always resourcing not simply the latest technology, but the best technology. We find what works so your association benefits.