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Happy 36th Anniversary to The Ad That Started a Revolution

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... to one of the most iconic television ads ever created.

On this day in 1984, Apple debuted the Macintosh personal computer during the Super Bowl.

The iconic commercial cost $500,000 to produce and was directed by Ridley Scott, who had already directed Alien and Blade Runner. The commercial features a society of conformists and a hero (actually... a heroine) that aims to smash the Orwellian mold with her sledgehammer. It's an incredible example of short-form storytelling.

In fact, this commercial is responsible for making Super Bowl ads a "thing."  The commercial garnered almost as much attention as the game itself and, today, Super Bowl ads are literally an event within the event.

(By the way... the commercial almost didn't air. The Apple board hated it, but Steve Jobs pushed hard to get it out to the public.)

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