client since 2005
Support Services is helping us become more cost effective.
Daryl Reynolds 
Executive Director, BC Association of Kinesiologists 

With more than 500 members, the BC Association of Kinesiologists (BCAK) is a large, dynamic association. Although still unregulated, the association has strict rules of admittance and a rigorous review process for membership. For years, the association struggled with volunteers and a single person to run its office and organize activities. As the association grew, the workload became too much for one person. Enter Support Services, which has been running the day-to-day aspects of the association since 2003.

Support Services has played a key role in handling the complex membership application and renewal processes. By automating the membership and event registration processes, it is also helping the association become more cost effective.

Support Services' Virtual Board Room, a web-based software package, has become a well utilized tool for the BCAK's Board of Directors. The virtual board room enables the board to function efficiently by allowing teleconference or video conference meetings to occur with simultaneous access to documents and resources. It is a valuable asset when board members are scattered across BC.

"We like Support Services because they are helping us change to meet the demands of tomorrow," says Daryl Reynolds, Executive Director of the BCAK. "They are always looking for new services and options but, most importantly, they are helping us become more cost effective."

Support Services also provides services to enhance the association's look by redesigning its newsletter, banners and overhauling its website image and functionality. BCAK is powered by Association Dashboard, our customized association management software.


Support Services really cares about us as an association. It's business plus – they are a partner but they give us the personal touch.
Louise Kallhood
Past President, BC Association of Medical Radiation Technologists 

Saying goodbye to its retiring registrar after 20 years was difficult for the BC Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (BCAMRT), but the association's relationship with SSU has been transformative. Support Services' penchant for technology, tools like the Virtual Board Room and online membership renewal, has streamlined the association's operations. Support Services' business acumen saves the association time and money. SSU is also open to association volunteers fulfilling administrative tasks as a cost-saving mechanism.

With approximately 2,000 active members, the association is busy. Because Support Services handles all the member-related activity, including annual renewals, the board and committees can focus on their roles. Support Services also introduced the association to its first executive director.

In April 2013, as a part of our ongoing commitment to keeping our clients ahead of the curve, we provided a complete website and database overhaul for BCAMRT. And, to ensure the retention of members spread out across the province, we introduced webinars using Brix Studio, opening up the opportunity for more comprehensive continuing education offerings and increased engagement. SSU handles registration, organization, hosting and post-production for these webinars, as well as handling major events such as the assocation's Annual General Conference. 


client since 2011
  Support Services is inexpensive. They are extremely reliable. And their customer service is incredible.

Neil Nyberg 
Executive Director, Master Municipal Construction Documents Association

In 2007, the Master Municipal Construction Documents Association (MMCDA) had to change or face obsolescence. Municipalities, contractors and consulting engineers across the province rely on the association to produce and provide standardized construction documents for municipal services such as roads and sewers. Some publications from the year 2000 were outdated and cumbersome.

"We were bogged down, unable to respond to changes in technology," says Neil Nyberg, the association's executive director. "We had to find a way to be more flexible so we can respond to the needs of our clients."

After an intensive visioning session by the Board of Directors, with the help of Support Services (which has managed MMCDA's operations since the association was founded in 1996), the association's new direction became clear.

As well as offering courses which required minimum attendance to be cost-effective, the association piloted Support Services' webinar capabilities, allowing people across the province to participate simultaneously. To supplement conventional manuals, the association commissioned Support Services to issue its publications as electronic, searchable, web-embedded documents. And, instead of faxing invoices and chasing cheques, the association added online payment to its new and expanded web site.

The result has been a complete transformation of the association and how it serves its clients. Now, instead of trying to keep up with technology, the association is several steps ahead.

"Because we have Support Services, we are able to move and change. If we had a big investment in people and technology, we wouldn't have that agility," says Neil. "Support Services is also very agile and they provided some very innovative services for us."

"Support Services is adventurous," says Neil. "They had the innovation and tenacity to make it all happen."

The Vancouver Chapter of NAIOP is one of 50 chapters within an extensive network that represents the interests of developers and owners of commercial real estate throughout North America.

The Vancouver Chapter provides communication, networking and business opportunities for real estate related professionals within the local commercial market.

NAIOP Vancouver Chapter has approximately 200 members, although its database is more than 1,500. As many as 300 people from the commercial real estate industry attend the association's monthly meetings and events, which Support Services organizes. SSU also handles chapter communications, web updates, sponsorship management and accounts for NAIOP Vancouver.

"Support Services is a great alternative for us as opposed to hiring administrative staff," says Jocelyne Legal, a past NAIOP director. "They have terrific technology and systems that we didn't have to purchase or create so we felt it was the most economical way to go."

The benefits NAIOP has experienced since partnering with SSU are tangible.

"We are more organized," says Legal. "We have zero collection issues. Our communications with members is more concise, targeted and timely. And we have streamlined our event registration process."

"Support Services has helped us mature as an association," says Legal. "By adding structure and some expertise in technology and association governance, we went from a group of people on various committees to operating as a proper Board of Directors."


Support Services is more than a service provider; they are a partner.
Jocelyne Legal 
Past President, NAIOP Vancouver Chapter

We need consistency and Support Services gives us that."
Shelley Rose
Past President, Vocational Rehabilitation Association of BC


Most associations change their board of directors regularly. As a result, consistency and continuity are critical elements for an association to maintain stability and to promote growth in the midst of that change.

The Vocational Rehabilitation Association of BC has been a partner with Support Services since 1995. With nearly 400 members throughout the province, the association relies on Support Services to manage its daily operations such as answering telephone and email enquiries, bookkeeping, designing and producing brochures as well as special activities such as planning AGMs, conducting marketing and membership campaigns and organizing conferences.

"We need consistency because our board changes regularly," says Shelley Rose, former VRA President. "Thanks to Support Services, they know our history and they have all our records. When I need something, I contact them and they retrieve the information so easily. They are very good to us."

Support Services has also helped the association in its governance by recommending a parliamentarian for its AGM and a specialty lawyer to help with bylaw changes. Support Services also introduced them to a facilitator who helped with strategic planning and teambuilding.

"They know all kinds of people who can assist our organization to grow and develop in whatever area we need," says Rose.