Live Event Webcasting

What do you do when your audience can't make your big events? Bring the event to them. Support Services Unlimited's live event webcasting services takes your event from Vancouver to around the world!

Support Services Unlimited introduces event webcasting services, the simplest way to broadcast your events online to your members regardless of their location. Even the speaker won't have to travel - we can broadcast presentations from external venues anywhere in the world, as well as from our own Brix Studio in Vancouver.

Turnkey Solutions

Our full service packages take care of all the details, so you can continue focusing on delivering great events. Each package includes:

  • professional moderator and videographer to manage the session
  • Professional camera and broadcasting equipment to make your presenters shine
  • Live broadcast of audio, video and presentation slides
  • Integrated Twitter chat mechanisms to support audience interaction and feed your social networks
  • Secure login environment to restrict access to registered attendees
  • Option of producing recorded videos for YouTube, pay-per-view or however you see fit.

Why SSU Live Video Webcasts?

  • Reach all your members – improve accessibility to increase your registration numbers
  • Create lasting video assets that draw people to your website
  • Host speakers from around the world  – Our solutions mean we can broadcast presentations from any location
  • Turnkey solution takes care of all the details
  • Reduce your carbon footprint – eliminate kilometres traveled by your attendees

Contact us today to find out how you can take your next event online and worldwide with live webcasting!