Why a Management Company

An association management company specializes in managing non-profit, member-based, volunteer-driven associations and professional societies. Whether it’s full-service management or specific services, the association management company offers executive leadership, management services and access to resources. By leveraging shared resources, the company passes on its expertise, best practices and tremendous cost savings to its clients.

Your Options

As a non-profit association or professional society, you have four options for managing your organization.

  • by volunteers
  • by employed staff
  • by an association management company
  • by outsourcing services to multiple providers

The Benefits

Although each option has pros and cons, many associations depend solely on an association management company because it:

  • Lowers overhead expenses
  • Provides affordable professionalism and management expertise
  • Ensures continuity during leadership and staff changes
  • Enables volunteer leaders to focus on programs and policy, not operations
  • Provides turnkey solutions
  • Provides cost-effective alternatives to equipment, personnel and other resources
  • Eliminates outsourcing to multiple providers.

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How do I Choose an Association Management Company? 

Choosing an association management company is essentially choosing a business partner. We've put together three tips to help you choose the right association management company.