Management Packages

Full-Service Management

We fulfil all the day-to-day functions your association requires, plus we provide the infrastructure and technology to do it well. In other words, we run the show the way you want us to. This package is an annual fee for predetermined services.

Ideal for associations that:

  • Are growing beyond their capacity to pay staff or find volunteers
  • Understand the value of outsourcing
  • Want to focus on their mission and mandate, not operations.

Partial Management

We perform certain functions for your association on a regular basis for a predetermined fee. On-demand services are available for an extra fee.

Ideal for associations that:

  • Have staff and/or volunteers
  • Need professional help to streamline their operations
  • Want an outside perspective.

On-Demand Support

Tap into our expertise when you need them. All our services are available à la carte for a per item fee.

Ideal for associations that:

  • Need help with a specific project or task
  • Lack staff or volunteers
  • Want to experience working with a management company.