True or False

Test your knowledge and assumptions about what an association management company is and does. When you click on true or false, the answer will appear.

1 ) My association is too small to consider an association management company.
Many smaller associations depend on either a solo contractor who can't accommodate the workload or on multiple providers, which can cause confusion. A professional association management company can streamline your operations and save you money—exactly what smaller associations need.
2 ) Hiring an association management company is too expensive for my association.
A cost analysis is worth considering regardless of your association size. Hiring an association management company eliminates costly investments in office space, equipment, personnel and technology plus you gain the expertise of professional association managers.
3 ) An association management company provides a full range of services including board and committee support, membership services, and educational certification programs.
As professional association managers, they can do everything from defining your governance structure to answering the phone. You can contract them for specific tasks or they will manage every aspect of your association.
4 ) My association can contract an association management company to look after certain aspects of our operations, assisting our staff and volunteers.
An association management company can serve as an extension of your staff team, providing specific services and expertise such as membership development, online event registration or executive director leadership. Consider them your association management consultants.
5 ) Hiring an association management company means our association will lose the personal touch we have with our members and community.
The staff team of an association management company functions just like employed staff. These specialists learn about your organization and its issues, they get to know your members, and they are committed to your mission.