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With Video - Seconds Matter to Your Audience - Here’s Proof

I’ve been asked often why I am such a strong supporter of streamed video for your websites. I’ve done a pretty good job of feeling comfortable with my recommendations based on ease of implementation and security of the video. I’ve almost always had trouble with the part about “because your users expect good performance” bit. I know from my own preferences that video loading and beginning to play c...more

Three Questions for Content Management

In addition to a good design, it is important to fill your website with information that is not only relevant but interesting and easy to navigate. If you ask yourself these three questions before creating or updating your content, you’re off to a good start. Who’s reading my website?It is important to configure your website content to your target audience. First, you need establish who these peo...more

Three Tips for Creating an Event Legacy

You’ve booked TED calibre speakers and best caterers in town; aside from having a holographic famous person beam into your event, you’re pretty sure this will be a memorable one. The event market is a competitive one, so its value to the membership needs to be highlighted in order to maximize attendance. With all the time and dedication that it takes to plan an event, it’s integral to ensure that ...more

Make it Yours: How to Brand Your Video

A great deal of time and effort is invested in building your brand's reputation, and your videos need to extend that effort. Utilize the trust you've established around your brand by employing it in your videos - giving people reason to watch them. This post provides a few tips to make this brand and video Ying and Yang easy.   To YouTube or Not to YouTube?There are a lot of places to publish ...more

Top Ten Easy Tips to YouTube Success

You’ve finally done it! You created a YouTube channel for your Association and embedded your first video creation on the organization’s website. Within no time the phones will be ringing off the hook with new members signing up, existing members registering for events, and sponsors looking to get involved with the best group in town. But then, nothing. How come some organizations shine through o...more