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Happy 36th Anniversary to The Ad That Started a Revolution

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY 🎉 ... to one of the most iconic television ads ever created....more

Ten Ways to Streamline Your Association's Event Planning Process

When planning and executing an event, it is important to be efficient and keep things running as smoothly as possible. The following ten precautions will save you from many headaches: 1. First things first: book your venue! You can be so busy with other association activities, that booking venues for your upcoming events may be the furthest thing from your mind. There are certain times of year w...more

Why an Inbox Is No Way to Manage Your Association

Just about the time we lose the need to communicate by fax, our replacement – email – begins to reveal its inherent weaknesses as a management tool for our association.  Back in the days when we handled everything with paper and pen, important things were placed in an organized environment where we could find them again, as long as we know how to look. Electronic communication was supposed to mak...more

Enhance Your Event Without Exceeding the Budget

Event spending can get out of hand, especially when you have many volunteers involved with lots of ideas to contribute. It is best to zone in on one or two areas where you want to spend money. You can also add some excitement and nice touches by spending near to nothing. Here are 5 ways how: 1. Everyone likes a chance to win $$ and prizes 50/50 draws, silent auctions and door prizes are all gr...more

Utilize Events to Engage Your Members

Events are one of the main opportunities for associations to showcase the benefits of membership. They are also a great avenue to connect with colleagues face to face and for your dedicated volunteers to receive appreciation for their hard work throughout the year. In order to be successful, it is essential that your events take into account member needs, whether through professional development c...more