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Transform Your Association Operations with SSULive's Virtual Association Management Portal

Welcome to the wonderful world of virtual association management! With the help of the SSULive team, you can streamline your association operations with transparent, collaborative, and automated services that maximize your volunteer's time and make projects easy to complete.

  • Asset Management: With our virtual association management portal, your association directors have full access to the association assets, project definitions, timelines, governance documentation, and real-time dashboards.

  • Digital Transformation: Our team will revamp and automate your existing systems, ensuring they conform to best practices and operate effectively.

  • Documentation: The digital transformation process includes populating the portal with customized annual plans, procedures, reporting, inventory listings, compliant databases, and digital communication analytics.

  • Website & Member Management: The virtual package comes complete with a new website that is integrated with a powerful member management platform to track member activity, payments, event registration, product sales, job board, sponsors, CE credits, video-library, and much more.

  • Management Services: SSULive provides all their traditional association management services, with a modern new tech vibe. You can select items from our extensive list, or we can create customized services to meet your specific needs or budget.

  • Team of Experts: Our inhouse association management team includes account managers, business process experts, web developers, digital communicators, and accountants who are dedicated to helping your association achieve it's goals.

The virtual association management portal is the best of both worlds. You get the automation, transparency, and collaborative features needed to maximize your volunteer's time, while also having the flexibility to customize services and staff to meet your needs. Plus, you'll have "anytime, anywhere" access to all of your association assets, materials, and projects.

If you're ready to streamline your association operations and make projects easier to complete, contact us today to learn more about the virtual association management portal. We look forward to helping you save time and money!