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Utilize Events to Engage Your Members

Events are one of the main opportunities for associations to showcase the benefits of membership. They are also a great avenue to connect with colleagues face to face and for your dedicated volunteers to receive appreciation for their hard work throughout the year. In order to be successful, it is essential that your events take into account member needs, whether through professional development c...more

How to Communicate More Effectively in Board Meetings: Three Tips

After filing your taxes and going to the dentist, the most dreaded activity must be going to meetings. Regardless of your title or type of association we all have to go to meetings. Sometimes you’re the organizer; sometimes you’re the chair or one of the speakers. If you’re really lucky you don’t have to do anything except stay awake through the whole proceeding (easier said than done I know!). Fo...more

Learn to Manage Your Differences for a More Innovative Board

This blog was contributed by Carol J. Sutton, Cert. ConRes. a professional mediator and Principal at CJS Communications Inc. She helps clients improve interpersonal relationships among people in order to increase collaboration and productivity. Methods include facilitation, organizational planning, team building, training and coaching activities - with a particular focus on workplace conflict mana...more